Currently, the company I work for is starting to build concrete shelters or bunkers, if you will.

Aside from having a wicked cool new area to brag about amongst friends, they are entirely practical.

are stationed in Texas… and even though on all of the expert maps my
particular area is not technically in “Tornado Alley” we definitely get
our fair share. Not to mention the hurricanes that make land fall in
this area.

I’ve always loved watching storm chasers (I’m way too
chicken to try it out myself) and I can’t tell you haw many actual
tornado warnings I’ve been under directly.

I have been in an
actual tornado… I hunkered down in the Brenham CVS Pharmacy as the
roof was torn off the restaurant in the parking lot. We watched shopping
carts and those little metal shopping cart trolleys that you park them
in when you’re done with them go completely airborne.

moment of my entire life, hands down. My kids were crying asking if we
were gonna die. I was wondering if the wind would tear off the roof of
the pharmacy and sweep us away.

We later found out we were within 100 feet of the actual tornado. It was only an F2 on the Fujita scale. It could have been so much worse.

My heart skips a beat now every time I hear the warning sirens.

now to the question in the title of the post… why would you need a
storm shelter? Well, take a look at the data complied by the experts…

Tornado history 2009-2013

Actual Footage and Aftermath of a Tornado